Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strike While the Iron is Hot

 art club 1I stopped by the art club on Saturday. I was just going there to drop off a DVD I borrowed but as I arrived the encaustic painting demonstration started.  I was drawn in immediately, mesmerized actually.  I watched the artist melt wax on the tip of an iron and then quickly rub it across the paper.  With a few quick strokes she had created a beautiful poinsettia and then she pressed her iron to the paper and just as quickly the wax melted and the poinsettia was gone. Encaustic art has such beautiful intense pigments. It’s not precise because the art is created using melted wax and hot tools such as an iron or a stylus. I very much wanted to stay and “play” and I was invited to do so but it just wasn’t possible. The chicklets had so many activities scheduled for that day, my husband and I spent the entire day chauffeuring them around.

Since visiting the club, I have been itching to try my hand at encaustic art. I picked up a few supplies but it’s making the time that’s going to be difficult.  I really want to try this soon. I know that if I don’t, my curiosity and inspiration will wane and I will be on to the next project without ever having tried it. I need to strike while the iron is hot!

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