Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who Knew?

OK so I haven't finished the first project I started for this challenge but I felt the creative urge to start a second project. I thought that if I felt inspired enough to have two projects underway I better just run with that. My second project feels like a blank slate right now with so much possibility. Last night while the chicklets were working on their homework, I took out my supplies and just started working along with them right there in the kitchen. It was fun. I always thought artistic endeavours had to be a solitary activity. I am so happy that isn't the case because getting a lot of time alone, on a regular basis, just isn't going to happen for me. If I only learned that one thing during this challenge, it will have been so worth it. But this is just the beginning...


  1. Hi there! Looks like we have similar taste in blogware!!! :) Yay for Shabby Miss Jen. Your banner rawks. I look forward to seeing what you create for AEDM!!!


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  2. Any work is art,just the color of blue gets my mind going,can't wait to see what the end result is.

  3. I am totally into multiple projects...keep things interesting :P Also, a blank slate means anything is possible! It's exciting! Looking forward to seeing your work.