Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Things I Want to Do in Toronto

I am all about lists and this week I am in Toronto.  No kids.  No hubby.  It’s a work thing. 


I must confess that while I should be enjoying the king size bed and not having to cook, I am stressed out about leaving the chicklets for a week.  To make matters even more stressful, littlest chicklet developed a large swelling on the side of her neck right before I was about to leave. If her dad hadn’t promised to bring her to the doctor right away I don’t think I could have left. (She’s fine. She has antibiotics for a throat infection).

Back to my list…

This won’t be a list of historical landmarks I want to visit nor some high falutin’ cultural events, although those things are great too.  I just want to do a few interesting things on my own that I usually don’t get the chance to do.

  1. Visit Anthropolgie.  Yeah baby!!
  2. Check out at least one art supply store.
  3. Uninterrupted reading time alone in my hotel room.
  4. Look for a BIG magazine store to scout out mags I can’t find at home.
  5. See an old school friend.  Well she’s not old but our school is.



  1. really interesting

  2. What a lovely blog you have here, Pamela! I love your philosophy on life and your "About Me" sounds like my long lost soul sister! Thanks for stopping in to my blog. I will dig up that recipe for you! Kelly