Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Joy Diet – Menu Item #9 Laughter


I read the chapter in Beck’s book about laughter and initially thought, “OK, that’s a no-brainer.  Who doesn’t want to laugh more?”

I took Beck’s advice and tried to  count the number of times a day I laugh.  It had to be out loud; inside my head didn’t count. Sadly, I really don’t laugh as much as I thought I did. I definitely laugh less than 30 times each day.  Hmm… not good. 

Next step, pay attention to what makes me laugh.  I thought I was unpredictable.  My tastes in laughter cannot be classified, I thought.  Wrong again. 

After much soul searching, I have determined that the following things make me laugh:

  1. The sound of my littlest chicklet “gut laughing”.
  2. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
  3. Children’s Letters to God
  4. The World According to Student Bloopers
  5. Brian Regan

I will indulge daily.


  1. I didn't read the chapter this week, but I did have a few belly laughs revisiting some great comedy moments from British TV on YouTube!

  2. Love the look of your blog. I didn't laugh, but it surely makes me feel happy.

  3. I love the picture of "you"?? laughing - what a great shot - that's the kind of laughter I love to have.
    Love your blog and your frames - terrific.

  4. I love listening to the kids' laughter, too. It cracks me up - and they start so young. I love that they know how to joke early on.

    It's interesting when you start identifying what makes you laugh - then you can make sure you're getting more of that in your days. Good work!

  5. I have had so many kind comments about the look of my blog - thanks everyone for coming to visit.

  6. Beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing what makes you laugh!

  7. I love your blog banner! It is a saying I use often, plus I love the colors and style. I also love the photo of the person with their headback laughing! What a great shot!

    I haven't counted how many times I laugh each day, but I know it is less than 30. I'm gonna be working on that.

    thanks for the list of things that DO make you laugh - they are great and inspired me to collect my own list.

  8. i'm addicted to laughing!! sending you lots of love, laughs & hugs!!